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Asset Preservation

InterceptTM Technology

INTERCEPT was developed by Lucent Technologies and Bell Laboratories in 1984 and is patented world-wide. Highly surface area copper particles are permanently reacted into a plastic matrix and then allowed to react with all corrosive gases as they try to penetrate the film or bag. The Technology was designed to protect all materials under all environmental conditions equally. The material is volatile and oil free.

How It Works

Only Intercept utilizes high-surface area Copper particles (CU) that are bound firmly into the PLASTIC FILM uniquely able to quickly and efficiently neutralize corrosive gases and provide protection against corrosion like no other technology available for industry.

Why InterceptTM Technology

  • High Performance (from -35°C to +80°C)
  • Long term protection
  • Process certified ISO 9001:2000
  • Protects all ferrous and non-ferrous metals, alloys, electronic components plastics and organic materials
  • Environmentally safe, RohS compliant, TRGS 615 und TRGS 900 compliant, recyclable and cost-effective in overall cost
  • Occupational Safety Prize 2005 for a cleaner alternative in corrosion protection (BAUA)
  • ESD 106 -108Ω permanent (even at humidity <5%)
  • Available in all traditional packaging formats
  • Re-usable (up to 3 cycles for bags)

Why Intercept? Intercept is Green & Clean

Recyclable and re-usable

Intercept Technology packaging allowed VW to win a prestigious Environmental Award

Intercept uses no chemicals or vapotrs
  • No separate application areas or special equipment
  • No need for handling or disposing of hazardous cleaning solvents and chemicals
Logistics Solutions

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Leaves no contaminates or deposits