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Shipping & Logistic Solutions

Project Cargo Management

For any projects, logistics and shipping forms an integral part of the project cost and operational time line to ensure the successful implementation of the given project. Project Cargo Management, constitutes the following aspects:

  • A. Generating the Packing List.
  • B. Packaging.
  • C. Transportation Planning - Land, Sea or Air (or combination of all 3 modes).
  • D. Handling of Cargo - Heavy Lift.
  • E. Method Statement

Gemilang Logistics DP has the necessary experience and assets in place to ensure that the entire planning for the Project Cargo from the start is executed without error to ensure that cost and risks are effectively managed for the successful delivery of the Project Cargo from Point A to Point B. Our key personals are industry experts with minimum of 15 years' experience in handling of Project Cargo management for Oil & Gas majors, Power Companies and Steel Fabricators in the International arena.

Through the use of high end software for planning of heavy lift cargo and space optimization, Gemilang Logistics DP is able to provide the best solution to our customers while ensuring that all key objectives for the customer is fulfilled throughout the project timeline.

The key Project Management Projects that has been undertaken by Gemilang Logistics DP can be viewed in our Project Gallery.

Aviation Logistics & Shipping

The aviation industry is an integral part of any countries economy as it provides swift and wide connectivity to the rest of the world for travel and logistics. One of the key areas for the Aviation industry in Malaysia is provision of Helicopter services for the Oil & Gas industry in ensuring safe and swift transport of crew from mainland to the oil rigs located in offshore Malaysia.

Throughout this time, Gemilang Logistics DP has successfully managed and transported helicopters from the aircraft hangers to the end destination - utilizing a combination of Land and Sea as the mode of transport. Furthermore, Gemilang Logistics DP also specializes in the logistics and shipping of helicopter spares from / to Malaysia to various parts of the world.

Our projects undertaken in the Aviation Logistics & Shipping industry can be viewed in our Project Gallery.


Packaging of cargo is an important aspect of all cargo to be transported and shipped to various destinations. The correct packaging will ensure that the cargo will arrive at the final destination with nil damage and preserve the cargo as well in good condition for usage at the final destination. In the Oil & Gas industry, packaging of all cargo must be in accordance with International Safety Standards.

Gemilang Logistics DP currently provides various types of packaging solutions for all customers that meet the International Safety Standards (especially for the Oil & Gas Industry) as following:

  • Pallets of various sizes.
  • Full crating for Over Sized and Heavy cargo.
  • Vacuum packing.
  • Heat Shrink Wrap packing.
  • Fumigation.

We ensure that all packaging are certified by qualified Marine Warranty Surveyors and and also by fumigation experts in accordance with International Safety Standards.

Our packaging products can be viewed in our Project Gallery.

Marine Salvage & Recovery

In 2012 December, a Sikorsky S-76 helicopter with 6 passengers and 2 crew member crashed into the South China Sea, about 90 nautical miles from Bintulu, Sarawak. However, all passengers and crew members were successfully rescued by a vessel which was in the vicinity of the downed helicopter.

Gemilang Logistics DP was tasked with the Salvage and Recovery of the Helicopter Fuselage with the accompanying Black Box for insurance claim and as per the directive of the Ministry of Transport Malaysia.

Based on the experience of all key personals in Gemilang Logistics DP, a task force was set-up with immediate effect. The teams made preparations within a week in preparing the barge, divers, crane and all consumables for the salvage and recovery of the helicopter.

The "ping" signal was successfully identified on 27th December, 2012 after search was conducted for 2 weeks and the helicopter wreckage and black box was brought to the hanger in Miri on 14 January 2013.

Gemilang Logistics DP is currently qualified and has all necessary equipment, assets and personals in place to launch a successful Search and Recovery operation for any marine accidents within Malaysia.